Benefits of Cloud PBX

hand pointing at cloud

There are major benefits of switching to a hosted phone solution. The possibilities with VoIP are endless – not to mention simple, effective, and affordable.


Unified communications “in the cloud”

Our Hosted PBX solution combines the solid reliability of traditional phone systems with the flexibility and feature-richness of hosted telephony. We manage your communications from our data center, so you can eliminate the hassle that goes along with equipment in the phone closet. Our OneBox hosted solution maximizes scalability and simplifies communications.



We are trusted by our customers to provide reliable “in the cloud” communications. Our platform is built on Broadsoft’s softswitch, the most reliable softswitch technology in the world, guaranteeing clear calls and connectivity.


Disaster Recovery

If there is ever a temporary problem with your Internet connection or should something happen to your location, we provide disaster recovery, bringing you peace of mind. All calls can be rerouted to alternate phone numbers and cell phones if necessary. One of our main objectives is to always keep you connected to your customers.


Feature-rich applications

StratusDial offers unified voice applications that help your business run more efficiently. They allow more control for the user and streamline phone usage. We have an advanced call control toolbar with two elegant designs that can be accessed from your browser or email client and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X, making answering and transferring calls easier than ever and lending more productivity to your workday. Another user-friendly application is the Unity Client which provides point-and-click call control and embedded chat that is the perfect add-on for work groups and functional teams.



Our customers have seen up to 50 percent savings after switching from their traditional carriers. By eliminating the expensive hardware in the phone closet, contracts and maintenance fees are also nonexistent.


The right solution for your business

StratusDial realizes that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer different plans and options to meet your business requirements. From extension plans with unlimited Domestic usage, to shared-usage plans that help contain costs across the enterprise, and hosted and installed dedicated PBX server plans with everything you could ever want from a state-of-the-art IP PBX and VoIP solution. StratusDial has the right solution for your business.



Our support team is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions or be on-site if needed. We have a dedicated team of workers ready to assist you to keep your work day functioning efficiently.