Who is StratusDial?

StratusDial is a leader in providing VOIP business solutions to companies in Central Virginia. We are an voice and data networking solutions provider and trusted adviser to our clients. Our comprehensive approach focuses on examining and evaluating various technologies for our client so that we can improve business communications, connectivity, and data protection through effective design, integration, and support of networked devices.

Can we keep our existing numbers with a Hosted PBX solution?

Yes. You can keep your existing phone numbers or range of numbers.

Are we going to have to buy a new phone system?

If you choose a Hosted PBX, you won’t have to buy a system. StratusDial would have the equipment (including redundant PBXs and Internet access) at their location instead. Alternately, we can work with your existing in-house VOIP system and provide SIP trunks. You can also use your own PBX, either analog or digital, but will be limited to the features you currently get.

How do I know if VoIP is a good fit for my business?

StratusDial will help you decide. We focus on advising our clients, and we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. In general, VoIP is particularly valuable to small and medium companies that do not have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in receptionists, telecommunication systems, and trained telephony staff. Companies that are looking for predictable telecom costs also benefit.

Will I save money?

Typically, our clients save between 30-50% compared to the traditional phone company. The amount you save depends on your usage and requirements.

What kind of quality can I expect using VoIP?

StratusDial solutions use HD voice phones, and then give you superb sound quality. Our platform is built on Broadsoft’s softswitch, the most reliable softswitch technology in the world, guaranteeing clear calls and connectivity.

Do you provide phone and customer portal training?

Yes. StratusDial’s system is designed to be customer-managed via a web portal and is very easy to learn.

Is support available?

Customer phone support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also log to the client portal on our website to submit a trouble ticket.

What if there is a disaster at my business location?

StratusDial has engineered our Hosted PBX solution with multi-carrier, multi-location, real-time support for business continuity.

Do I need to re-cable my office?

If your office is already cabled for high-speed Internet access, you’re all set. StratusDial offers several options to access our system through your existing data network.