Grandstream IP phones provide advanced technology to the desktop. Here are some of the Grandstream VOIP phones that we offer.


Grandstream GXP2200

grandstream gxp2200


The GXP2200 IP phone represents the future of enterprise business telephones in modern Internet age. Its touchscreen color display features Android™ Operating System 2.3 and its vast number of 3rd party applications. Dual Gigabit network ports provide futuristic speed, and the handset comes with integrated PoE and Bluetooth. The GXP2200 delivers superior HD audio quality, leading edge telephony features, and integration of rich Web content with access to the rapidly growing Android™ applications base. It supports up to six lines.


Grandstream GXP2124

grandstream gxp2124v2


GXP2124v2 is an enterprise grade IP phone that features 240×120 backlit graphical LCD, 4 line keys with up to 4 SIP accounts, dual switched Gigabit Ethernet ports with integrated PoE, HD audio quality, and personalized information on the display such as local weather, stock, currencies, etc.