Hosted PBX



Hosted PBX services provide advanced telephone system features as a service over the Internet. They are also called “Cloud-based” voice systems or services, or Virtual PBX systems. The PBX equipment is located on the premises of the provider, and you can take advantage of rich capabilities and advanced features without worrying about your system becoming obsolete. In most cases, you will only need to purchase or lease the phones, which are significantly less expensive than a traditional phone system’s common equipment.


Financial Benefits of Cloud Based Voice Systems


  • Typically, Hosted PBX services only require the purchase of telephone instruments. They have a significantly lower upfront capital expenditure without the need of purchasing cabinets, cards, additional cabling and installation labor.
  • The entire monthly payment can be expensed instead of depreciating the system over 5 years.
  • Hosted PBX services that bundle outbound domestic long distance into their package have more predictable charges each month. The bills do not fluctuate monthly as the use of long distance minutes rise and fall.
  • Expanding a Hosted PBX system is as simple as adding telephones. Telephone and PBX systems can require additional circuit cards, cabling, card cabinets and labor along with the cost of the telephones.
  • Maintenance/repair costs are minimal or none at all.
  • In most situations, the Hosted PBX customer will save money on the monthly recurring charges associated with a telephone system such as telephone lines and line features.
  • Business users that have multiple small offices and especially small offices in different local calling areas will certainly save the most on recurring charges.
  • Employees can easily work from home with Hosted PBX services. Working from home reduces operational costs including rent on office space, equipment, furniture and utilities.


The many advantages of a Hosted PBX service can make it an ideal choice for most small business. Large, sophisticated PBX features can be delivered to businesses for less than the cost of a small phone system. Further, Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX services can save their users money on their recurring telephone line charges in addition to the many other financial, operational, service and marketing benefits. Read more about Hosted PBX services.