How to Find Mobile Workers



Where am I working today?

mobile workers can work anywhere even at the beach


Before the Mobile Office

Remember the days when the previous generation went to the same office and the same desk, day after day?  I can remember dropping my Dad off at the bus stop (because we only had one car….imagine that) and he would commute into the city and then at the end of the day we would pick him up at the bus stop.

Mobile Workers and BYOD

Today we have telecommuters and mobile workers and people who work in different offices and may float around.  How do you usually find these people that are always on the go?  Cell phone…right?

Most people today use their own personal device for personal and for business use.  BYOD – bring your own device.  For most companies this opens the door to many potential problems, security, control of calls, history and tracking of calls.

Follow Me Calling

Imagine a business phone system that could either find you or just ring all your devices at the same time?  So if I’m in the Richmond office and I want to call my manager in Staunton I pick up my desk phone and call his extension 303.  What happens next is the magic of our StratusDial system.  First the phone on his desk in Staunton rings, and at the same time his phone in his home office rings….problem is he is on the road driving…..not a problem!  While his office phone & home office phones are ringing, so does his softphone on his smart phone.  So by dialing one extension 303, I was able to find my manager and have a record of the call.

Would Customer Satisfaction Improve?

Can you imagine the customer service you could provide if your customers could find you when they needed you?  What if a customer calls you while you are driving and gives you a big order?  Pull over?  No, the call is being recorded so you can listen to it later when you enter the order.

Or the best scenario, office, home office, cell,  BEACH PHONE!

Happy Summer!!