Why should you use Cloud-based PBX solutions? Because Internet telephony – VOIP – is a smart business decision.

With VOIP, you use your business Internet connection instead of traditional phone plans through telco carriers. Your costs are predictable, you don’t need technical experts on staff, you don’t pay perpetual maintenance costs, and you can grow or change your business without having to abandon your communications investment. You’ll be surprised at how many of these benefits of VOIP phone systems apply to you.


Business Support Features

Branch Office Integration – Organizations with multiple locations of any size, located anywhere on the planet, can all be on the same PBX. Extension to extension dialing, intercom & paging across multiple locations is fully supported.

Great for Remote Workers – Remote & home-based employees stay connected to the PBX and make & receive calls as if they were in the office, regardless of their location.

Mobile Workforce – Virtual Extensions – also known as Cloud Extensions – create an extension that rings on a user’s cell phone.

No Busy Signals at Peak Calling Seasons – PBX can automatically add more call paths as they are needed. Scale up or down automatically.

Integrate Partner Businesses by Transferring Calls To External Number – Calls can be transferred to any telephone number in the world. Transferring a call to a cell phone is as easy as transferring the call to another extension.

Call Center with ACD – For businesses with high-volume inbound calls to sales, customer service or other departments, calls can be queued and distributed to agents based on different criteria. Agents can be in any physical location creating a virtual call center.

Salesforce.com Integration – Seamlessly integrate your PBX with your sales-force.com-based CRM system.

Have Local Numbers in Multiple Area Codes – Expand your business reach by having multiple telephone numbers in multiple area codes and/or prefixes that can all ring in the same office.


Device-Independent Capability

Shared Extensions – Have multiple phones on the same extension. Each phone (office 1, office 2, home, vacation home) rings and behaves just like the phone in your office.

Voicemail to Email – Voicemail messages can be instantly sent to one or more email address, in addition to being retrieved from the user’s phone, another phone, or from an outside the organization.

Text Message Notification – A text message (SMS) can be sent to a user’s cell phone when a new voicemail is received.

Soft Phones – Calls can be made via a business desk phone, a PC/MAC software application, or even a Smartphone app.


You Control The Business Rules

Control Your Outbound Caller ID Name – User defined caller ID Name, easy to change at any time.

Outbound Caller ID Number – Your Caller ID number & name can be user-specific, by department, by branch office, or for entire company.

Day / Night Mode & Flexible Time Frames – PBX call routing and rules can be different for times of day, day of week.

Holidays – PBX can automatically change call routing, auto attendant behavior etc., when organization is closed for a holiday.

Call Forward Busy / No Answer / Disconnected – Calls can be forwarded to voicemail, cell phone, etc., based on status of phone (busy, no answer, phone off-line, etc.)

Inbound Caller ID Routing – Rules based inbound routing based on caller ID number. For example all calls with a 202 area code would be routed to the Washington D.C. location.


Packed With Must-Have Features

411 & 911 – Fully compliant with 411 Directory Service & 911 emergency services, even for extensions that are offsite.

Number Porting – Allows you to retain all of your existing numbers, including toll-free numbers.

Hunt Groups & Ring Groups – Ring multiple phones that are part of a group, in sequence or simultaneously.

Intercom – Directly start speaking with a user at an extension without first calling them.

Blind & Attended Transfers – Transfer calls with or without pre-announcing who the caller is.

Number Blocking – Block incoming calls by number.

Dial from Call History – Call any number from phone’s list of missed, dialed, or received calls.

Inbound Toll-free Numbers – We offer all available forms of toll-free numbers (800, 888, 866, etc.)

Phones with Operator Consoles – Supports multiple brands of IP telephones including expansion modules for BLF & speed-dial.

Full Reporting & Graphs – Review & Graph all call activity, including internal calls. Reports can be filtered and exported to Microsoft Excel®. This can also be used to run a report on a particular extension to determine outbound call activity (sales tracking).

Call Park / Call Retrieve – Park multiple calls in the PBX “parking Lot” and retrieve them from any extension.

Call Intercept – Allows a user to pick up a call ringing on another extension.

Listen In – Silently listen to another extension’s conversation (password protected).

Whisper Mode – Privately speak with another PBX user who’s on a call, without the other party hearing what you say.

Transfer Directly to Voicemail – this keeps the caller from having to listen to the extension ringing.

Multiple Voicemail Greetings – No answer, Busy no answer, Out of office/vacation.

Voicemail Storage Folders – Save important voicemail messages

Direct Inward Dial (DID) Numbers – point individual numbers to specific phones or groups

Multi-Level Auto Attendants –Main attendant with sub-options

Company Directory – by first or last name.

Custom Music on Hold – On hold music or announcements are available for each location or department and standard MP3 files are easily uploaded with music or professional recordings.

3-Way Calling – Each user has the ability to initiate 3-way calling

Inbound Caller ID – Name and number passed to phones

Multiple Conference Bridges – Create and manage multiple conference bridges, with unique conference call IDs and passwords. No need for out sourced bridging.


Exclusive Cloud-based Telephony Benefits

Disaster-Proof – The entire PBX stays fully operational in the event of a power failure or other business-impacting event. Calls can automatically be rerouted to each user’s cell phone, alternate number or voicemail.

ZERO Maintenance Costs – Modifications to your PBX are included with the service.

Reliable – All systems are located in redundant top-tier data centers in multiple U.S. States, are backed up multiple times per day to backup data centers, and are monitored and maintained 24/7/365.

Scalable – Increase or decrease the size of your PBX as your business needs change from 1 extension and phone line to 10,000. Easily adjust for seasonal increases or decreases in call volume.

Web Portal – Web portal with different security levels to allow users or management to change PBX features.

Future-Proof – New features are automatically added as they become available at no additional cost.


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